Stay in a 300 year old thatched cottage in the historic Iya Valley

宿泊は、ちいおりの一棟をまるごと貸し切りになります。 思い思いのスタイルで、築 300 年を越える茅葺き民家を、 アレックスの見立ての空間を、お楽しみください。

滞在中は門限もなく、外出も自由です。宿はナンバーロックシステム (ナンバーを入力して施錠、解錠する)を採用しています。チェックインは15:00より、チェックアウトは10:00までとなります。

宿は茅葺屋根の古い趣ながら、バスルーム、空調設備、リネン、床暖房など 最新の設備を備えております。ゆったりとした時間を快適にお過ごし頂けます。

宿には IH キッチンに調理器具一式、基本調味料類(塩、こしょう、醤油、 サラダ油、みりん、砂糖)を備えております。 お客様ご自身で食材、お飲み物などご用意頂き、自炊することができます。

We provide you a whole house as an accommodation.
Please enjoy your stay at a 300-year-old thatched farmhouse with relaxing the space provided by Alex in random styles.

During your stay, you will be free to go out without curfew.
We adopt a method of automatically locked system (enter an identification number when you go in and out). Check-in time is 3:00pm~, Check-out time is~10:00am.

Although it is a quite old house with steep raftered roof, it is equipped the most advanced equipment, such as bathroom, air conditioning, linen towels, floor heating and so on. We are sure that you will have a relaxed comfortable time during stay.

We also provide cooking utensils, Induction Heating (IH) and basic condiments,
such as salt, pepper, soy sauce, oil and sugar in the lodgings.It is possible for visitors to cook for yourselves with preparing ingredients.

We never provide food and drinks in Chiiori. If you consult with us, we are pleased to inform you about shops and restaurants around here.

香川県宇多津町 / Utazu, Kagawa

東祖谷落合集落 / Higashi-Iya, Tokushima

福井県三国町 / Mikuni, Fukui